I’ve noticed that many restaurants train their staff on service, but not Sales – Why?

Think about sales as the lifeblood of your restaurant and Service and Sales naturally go together…you can’t have one without the other.  And isn’t your goal to make as much money in your restaurant as possible?  I hope so!

Every day your restaurant gets new first time customers in the door that know nothing about what makes your restaurant special… or what they’ll enjoy.  So its up to your staff to tell them.  I’ve always believed that if the staff aren’t educating, informing and entertaining the customer, they’re actually doing customers a dis-service..

Think of all the lost opportunity if you just give a customer the menu and let the chips fall where they may..   Product Knowledge is power and when your staff are trained to Suggest & Sell, sales will follow and your cash register will ring.

Listen as I explain how the ABSOLUTE BEST servers Assume the Sale!



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