To run a really profitable restaurant, you have to pay attention to the key financial details.  The problem is, this can be a hassle. Many operators and managers just plain HATE the numbers and important processes like taking regular inventory and running food cost.   So here’s simple solution…

One of your restaurant’s biggest costs, if not “The Biggest” is your Food and Inventory.  Restaurants carry thousands of dollars of food at any given time and new orders must be placed several times a week from multiple vendors which takes a bunch of time and you’re never really sure if you’re paying a good price… 

Now you can place all of your orders from your phone from multiple vendors and be sure you’re getting the quality you expect at the lowest price on everything you buy.

Listen today as I speak with Chef James Clary who just developed a powerful New APP that will absolutely save you time and your restaurant money with no hassles.  It works directly from your IOS or Android phone and is packed with powerful features like regular price updates to keep your inventory accurate and even a “Price Alert” feature that notifies you instantly when any of your key items goes up by a percent or dollar amount you specify.

Take a moment, click this link to check out this amazing online order tool & Get a Free Demo Today:

Everything will be customized for your restaurant directly from your regular “order guides”.  It’s turn-key and you’ll be ready to go in an instant.

Now go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!

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