As restauranteurs we’re “In It to Win It” aren’t we?,  Working 6 or 7 days per week, two to three meals per day… putting out fires, working on product quality, making sure our restaurants and menus are inviting and so on…  It’s a daily challenge and we all know all too well the failure rate of restaurants in the first 5 years.
There seems to be little extra time during operating hours for one more demand on our time, but I am continually amazed at how many restauranteurs miss the importance of training and the impact it has on the strength of their operations and their bottom line.  In the restaurant game, THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRAINING and I MEAN a solid Training Program that is continual and repetitive.   Training that enhances the all-important Guest Experience… Training that builds Team Spirit… Training that BOOSTS SALES!

These are challenging times and no matter where you are, the restaurant business is still one of the most competitive.   To find more customers and build repeat business, operators NEED an ADVANTAGE and that is TRAINING.

The short-sighted view is that Training Costs Money… there are so many expenses in our business and most of us are programmed to cut expenses, not find more reasons to spend.   But the True Cost of Training is actually an Investment and NOT a Cost!   Effective Staff Training provides nothing but Return On Investment – Happier Customers, motivated Staff… a better Guest Experience!… That is the WIN, WIN, WIN of a successful restaurant..

The cornerstone of a restaurant is the Service Provided to guests… the foundation of a restaurant are the Sales it generates… The two are equally important and co-related.    Too many restaurants hire staff possibly assuming that just because they have Server or Wait experience, that they somehow will fit in and do the job… The Question we should be asking is “Does this person truly care about the Guest Experience, will they maximize their opportunity on the floor and Make Money for My Restaurant”?  Very few will without Training.

Effective Training is as simple as your Service Staff knowing their restaurant and menu from an expert perspective and sharing what’s “Great” with their customers.   A well trained Staff will EDUCATE, INFORM & SUGGEST what they know their guests will enjoy, recognizing that guests are looking for MORE than just food & drink…. They’re looking for a Dining Experience.