In the May issue of Restaurant Hospitality, Roger teaches you how to train your staff to SELL not just serve.

There are superstar servers in just about every restaurant. You know who they are. They’re personable, attentive, love meeting the public and make great money for themselves and your business. They’re a great front-of-the-house asset who never skip a beat and just seem to get it.

But what about those who don’t? It’s not necessarily their fault, of course. It all comes down to the training they’ve received—or more often, haven’t received. It’s in your best interest to train your servers well. Even the best of servers with great personalities can still function simply as “order takers” and miss out on opportunities to generate sales. Many restaurant owners too often forget the fact that it is they who are taking all the risk in a very challenging business, and, that it is they who are providing valuable, money-making real estate to servers who may or may not be maximizing sales.