In a typical restaurant shift, many restaurant servers will default to asking “YES/NO” questions. “YES/NO” questions such as “Would anyone like dessert?” are Kryptonite for restaurants. With this approach, the odds of making the sale are quite low – Just 50/50!
An entrepreneurial minded and well trained server will ask themselves: “How can I improve my odds of making the sale while giving my guests a better dining experience?

The answer is pretty simple…ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS OFFER CHOICES. By suggesting at least two choices and bringing these choices to life, the odds of making the sale more than double! How is this possible?

In this example, a server is suggesting (selling) dessert. These are the odds that he/she will make the sale if they have been trained to SERVE & SELL:
OPTION 1 Raspberry Dream Cheesecake – 33.3%
OPTION 2 Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie – 33.3%
NO DESSERT – 33.3%

In this scenario the odds of the customer ordering something 67% vs nothing 33% = More than Double

It’s takes a little more effort to offer choices and bring them to life throughout the dining experience but it is well worth it. This approach will consistently increases the server’s tips, the restaurant’s sales and most importantly enhance the guest’s dining experience.

If your guests have a meaningful and memorable experience, they are likely to become repeat customers and refer your restaurant to their friends and family.