Episode #111 Where else can you get $250,000 in 10 Minutes?

Whether you see a significant expansion, need new equipment, want to hire a manager or key-staffer or just some money to get you over a temporary hump, you need to know about Kabbage.   Listen as Victoria explains the simple application, lighting-fast approval, flexibility and ease of getting the cash your restaurant or hospitality operation needs.


Episode #86 How To Crush Restaurant Marketing With Erik Shellenberger

My expert today, Mr. Erik Shellenberger weaves his decades of restaurant experience, from the trenches to management with a rare expertise in social media, web design and S.E.O., online reviews and brand building.  He’s going to cut the fluff and give us the basic foundations of success in all these areas. Listen to Erik freely share his knowledge and expertise and watch the needle move.

Episode #77 Get Bulletproof or Die!

Today’s episode is all about the potential pitfalls of leasing your space and being at the mercy of your landlord.  All may be well for many years and then the unexpected happens.  To be truly “Bulletproof”, I recommend you explore owning your real estate and if the timing is not right today, working towards this goal for tomorrow… I’m not saying this is the correct thing to do for every situation, but this approach gives you leverage and a stronger “Exit Strategy” for your future and the future of your restaurant.