When you think about your last memorable dining experience, can you pinpoint which factors contributed to it being so fantastic (or deplorable)? While it’s true that the overall dining experience weighs heavily on whether or not guests will return to a restaurant, there are a few key factors that weigh very heavily in the grand scheme of things. If you’re considering getting into the restaurant business, or hoping to improve upon your existing restaurant’s success, it’s vital that you have a pulse on these factors. 

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at three key components of successful and thriving restaurants. If you need professional restaurant consulting services, check out Restaurant Rockstars! We offer innovative training and programs designed to help you build a restaurant business plan for guaranteed success and profits. Shop our products today!


Location, Location, Location

Almost every town has one: a building that entrepreneurs have tried numerous times to turn into a new restaurant only to have it fail time and time again. The reason for this lack of success may not lie in the abilities of the investor or the business owner, but more so in the location of the restaurant. First and foremost, if you want your restaurant business to thrive, it must be in a location that’s convenient and visible to diners. If you’re considering opening a new restaurant, be sure to pay close attention to your prospective location and the health of other nearby restaurants. Likewise, if you’re looking to breathe new life into your existing establishment, you may consider if a change in location would be beneficial.

What’s on the Menu

Have you ever been to a restaurant that had such an expansive menu that it was challenging and overwhelming just to make your meal selection? Perhaps you’ve had the opposite concern at another restaurant that had too few of choices? A menu that’s easy to ready and carefully developed to highlight only the restaurant’s best-crafted dishes is a sure way to please diners. Just as important as what’s on the menu is the pricing structure implemented. The price points of your dishes must be competitive with other local restaurants, but also enough to make a profit. With Restaurant Rockstars, you can learn how to develop a menu that strikes the proper balance between diner appeal and profitability. 

Waiter Knowledge and Professionalism

The very first impression diners have when they enter your establishment will be based on their interaction with your hostess, if you have one, and your wait staff. Whether they are eating at a new restaurant for the first time or returning to their favorite eatery for the hundredth time, your diners will want (and deserve) to be treated with courtesy and respect. Likewise, customers expect your wait staff to be completely familiar with the menu, particularly when it comes to making recommendations, discussing components of various dishes, and being knowledgeable about potential food allergy concerns. Investing in a thorough and detailed staff training program can make all the difference in ensuring your guests get the dining experience they want.

Industry-Leading Restaurant Consulting

Remember that word of mouth is one of the most impactful advertising methods there is. If you want your diners to rave about the new restaurant on the corner with a fantastic menu and wait staff, careful considerations must be made to ensure these factors are absolutely the best they can be. The carefully crafted training tutorials, programs, and consulting from Restaurant Rockstars can help you rock your restaurant.

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