Brian Cotlove, Chief Business Officer of Bentobox

Episode #266 Increase Sales & Profits with Online Restaurant Solutions

This pandemic has absolutely required your restaurant to adapt to the times and adopt new customer safe, friendly conveniences. This is more important now than ever as we emerge from the crisis. The good news is, these guest-friendly conveniences actually increase Sales and Profits. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Brian Cotlove, Chief Business Officer of Bentobox, an All-In-1 platform that delivers Online Ordering, Gift Cards, Event Tickets, Retail Merchandise sales, Restaurant Websites and more!

Episode #162 How to DECREASE Costs by 12% and Find Money in your Restaurant

When I ran restaurants I was obsessed with Profit.  Not just saving costs, but squeezing every dime of profit across the operation. In this episode you’ll learn: How to save 8 – 12% on inventory purchasing, cloud based software that manages your food and beverage Inventory as wll as recipe management, depletion and menu costing. Believe me, so many restaurants are missing these critical details at their peril.  We’re talking about saving money and finding money.