Episode #29 If Your Staff Doesn’t Notice, Your Guests Will!

You have one chance to make a positive impression in your restaurant and make no mistake, impressions are lasting.  Train your staff to NOTICE what the guest sees, feels & experiences in your restaurant and empower them to FIX what’s broke!


– There are 12 “Key-Guest Contact Points” in every restaurant, from the parking lot, throughout your common areas to the all-important “Thank You’s & Welcome Back”

Do You Have A Staff Or A Dream Team?

The foundation of great restaurant service begins with great restaurant staff.  Surprisingly, this concept is lost on many owners and managers, yet the solution really is simple. 
As the restaurant business is transient by nature, high turnover is a fact of life. I’ve worked with lots of restaurants over the years that struggle to find and keep good help and this negatively impacts the guest experience. When I started my first restaurant the challenge was much the same—that is, until I discovered the magic of building my “dream team.”

Does your restaurant offer a consistent experience?

We ordered drinks and they were expertly prepared, poured into appealing glassware and properly garnished. After enjoying our first drink and their gracious service, we decided to stay for dinner and move to the dining room to join two additional friends.  That’s where the experience dramatically shifted and fell short.