Episode #117 Ambiance or Food, Which Comes First?

Most restaurants want to turn their tables over and over, but again this one has so much space, they just keep packing them in and keeping them.  So what keeps them busy? EXPERIENCES!   On top of a James Beard Award-Winning Chef and lots of menu variety for both food and drink, this place serves up lots of FUN! You’ll have to give this episode a listen to learn all about it and when you do, your gears are probably going to start turning with lots of fresh ideas for your own place.

Episode #116 When Concept Executions Go Wrong (or right)

I’ve started multiple concepts… some Rock N Rolled right from the get-go.  Another needed a total about face and re-branding, while yet another never really got legs and I had to sell it. Give a listen as Thea and I discuss different concepts, the things that make them work or Not, special “hooks” and lots of ideas to consider that impact your guest’s experience.

Episode #114 Stay Relevant or Become the Next Restaurant Statistic!

The restaurant business is difficult and getting harder every day. But its not just about survival, its about creating and sustaining a lasting legacy. Doing that means building a powerful brand, but more importantly staying relevant in a changing industry and changing world of fickle consumers. Take a listen to this episode, hear about some surprising statistics and I hope this inspires, motivates and re-energizes your entire team.

Episode #113 Launching a New Concept – Mr Bing On Fire in NYC!

Inspiration and Opportunity are always around the next corner.  Imagine you’re living in a foreign country and suddenly the lightbulb goes off.  “I love this food, everyone loves this food… I could sell this anywhere”!In this episode, I’m speaking with Brian Goldberg of “Mr. Bing” who’d doing just that… delivering an appealing product he discovered in the far east, growing a business and seeing how far it can go.   

Episode #111 Where else can you get $250,000 in 10 Minutes?

Whether you see a significant expansion, need new equipment, want to hire a manager or key-staffer or just some money to get you over a temporary hump, you need to know about Kabbage.   Listen as Victoria explains the simple application, lighting-fast approval, flexibility and ease of getting the cash your restaurant or hospitality operation needs.


Episode #108 Build Your Brand with Ideas For Holidays & Big Events

One of the most powerful brand-builders I know (not to mention staff pleasers) is creating several “Big Events” throughout the year around holidays and big sports events.   Give this episode a listen as I take you through many of the key-holidays and big events that will drive new and repeat business and make your place more money several times a year!..