Episode #262 Chef Joshua Karther - Experience, Cool Under Pressure, Inspired Leader

Episode #262 Chef Joshua Karther – Experience, Cool Under Pressure, Inspired Leader

Nothing in this business is more important than laying a sold staff foundation, as your team represent both your brand and ultimate guest experiences. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Chef Joshua Karther of Water’s Edge at Hyatt Lodge in Chicago. Join us as we learn what hospitality truly means and how to be a highly effective leader.

Episode #196 Sustainable And Profitable Starts At The Table

In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast I’m speaking with Chef Ali Gonzalez, a man who has dedicated 30 years to his passion for culture, tradition and fresh-crafted food from scratch by using natural resources. Chef Ali has been on a decades long quest to fix what’s broken in the restaurant industry. As a Chef, Coach and Mentor Ali has run restaurants, hotels, catering companies and even cooked for the movie industry.

Episode #195 Restaurant Design for R.O.I. and Increased Profit!

Today I’m speaking with a 30 year veteran designer in the hospitality and food service space. Its incredible! Lu Schildmeyer of LU S Design Associates has designed over 700 restaurants, 400 bars and 1500 food service facilities. We’ll be talking the basics of lighting design, materials and finishes. More importantly, you’ll get the lowdown on the importance of traffic flow, acoustics, your menu, efficient kitchen design and complying with building and life-safety codes. Lu has the talent and experience to achieve great design without breaking the bank.