Episode 219 Key Learnings & Wisdom from a Real Pizza Guy!

Episode #219 Step By Step How He Built A Successful Restaurant Empire

In this week’s episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, my friend and fellow industry pro Jaime Oikle of www.runningrestaurants.com and I are speaking to a restaurateur with the magic touch. Nick Bogacz of Caliente Pizza & Draft House is building a pizza empire with street smarts, gut instincts and a flair for promotion while also dealing with the Covid crisis.

Episode #163 Regular Guys Building an Unstoppable Brand!

Two regular guys with a humble story who created a unique product, opened a small shop, then another and now they’re on location 13 in multiple states.  We’ll learn how systems are the “key” to running and maintaining that all important consistency in multiple locations.  How finding, inspiring and surrounding themselves with talented and motivated people are a huge component in rocking their brand.  How never being afraid to experiment is really how to open a restaurant and how to run a restaurant.

Restaurant + Hospitality Hooks

Every restaurant has potential hooks, but few restaurants know how to promote them to build their audience and brand. When you hit the jackpot with this form of marketing, your staff are selling more, having more fun and making more money, while your customers are having more fun and spending more money. Next thing you know, your customers are your best marketers, telling everyone they know about your place.