Restaurant Furniture Plus Installation

Episode #218 Everything you need to know about Restaurant Furniture

From time to time, our restaurants need a makeover, a fresh new look and furniture makes the biggest splash. It’s not only greater comfort for your guests, but just the thing to transform your ambiance. Maybe now’s the time to think furniture while your dining room may still be idle or you’re looking to Up the “Wow Factor” in your place. In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m once again with George Deeb, CEO of Restaurant Furniture Plus. They’re the largest online source of restaurant, hotel and hospitality furniture on the planet.

Episode #44 Part 1 – Burning Questions From Restaurant Owners with Jaime Oikle of Running Restaurants

When you’re in the absolute thick of running your restaurant, you need answers like yesterday… Answers that will help you solve critical problems and significantly improve your operation.

So, I was super excited when my friend and industry collaborator Jaime Oikle of suggested that we ask our listeners for their most challenging questions.  

Episode #43 TOP TIP – Why Fast Food and Full-Serve Restaurants Don’t Mix

When you eat out in other restaurants, if you’re anything like me you critique the operation – from food to service and ambiance…  Funny how we can have a critical eye and think “I can do it better”! But in your own restaurant, do you regularly look at the thousands of details – essentially seeing what the guest sees?  If not, you might have a fast-food approach… get them in , get them out and present the check!