Episode #247 Save Money, Food Waste and the Planet

Episode #247 Save Money, Food Waste and the Planet

In today’s episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, Im speaking with Mr. Manik Suri Founder and CEO of Therma. Manik recognized that billions of dollars are lost each year in product and food waste and he decided to make a difference. He created a system with simple sensors that immediately notify you and your team of equipment failure, power outage and even human error if a freezer door is left open. You can take instant action before product and money are lost.

Episode #47 This FREE Restaurant App Is A Game Changer

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Running a restaurant is the most challenging business I know.. so many details, so many hours… hard to stay organized until Now!    

You know I’m all about systems and efficiency to run a super profitable restaurant – so listen up.  In today’s podcast I speak with Konstantin Zvereff from a company called BlueCart.   The BlueCart platform is a one-stop shop for everything you buy from food, to alcohol, even dry goods all with just One Click.