Episode #202 An Objective View of Modern POS Systems

At the heart of your operation is of course your Point of Sale system. Interestingly, modern systems are now integrating other value-added applications such as Inventory control, payment processing, online ordering, etc… There are so many features, options and choices to look at, so with today’s episode, we’re not just bringing you another system, but an objective opinion from a software and POS expert who tells all from your perspective.

Episode #156 The Power of Birthday Marketing

If you’ve been wondering how to increase restaurant business, why not harness the power of birthdays to get new customers in the door… not just a two-top, but a whole party then get them back again.  It’s called “Birthday Marketing” and its all about capturing the market, getting them in your door then back again and again. . Take a listen to learn more (and get a FREE DEMO).