Episode #263 Order Smart, Save Labor, GET MONEY BACK!

Episode #263 Order Smart, Save Labor, Get Money Back – Warner Siebert of Cut+Dry

I don’t need to tell you that in most restaurants, the typical order and receiving process is inefficient. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Warner Siebert of Cut+Dry. He’s going to show us a simpler way to place & check-in your orders as well as track rebates and earn rewards. Listen on and see if this saves your operation time and money!

Episode #262 Chef Joshua Karther - Experience, Cool Under Pressure, Inspired Leader

Episode #262 Chef Joshua Karther – Experience, Cool Under Pressure, Inspired Leader

Nothing in this business is more important than laying a sold staff foundation, as your team represent both your brand and ultimate guest experiences. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Chef Joshua Karther of Water’s Edge at Hyatt Lodge in Chicago. Join us as we learn what hospitality truly means and how to be a highly effective leader.

Episode #111 Where else can you get $250,000 in 10 Minutes?

Whether you see a significant expansion, need new equipment, want to hire a manager or key-staffer or just some money to get you over a temporary hump, you need to know about Kabbage.   Listen as Victoria explains the simple application, lighting-fast approval, flexibility and ease of getting the cash your restaurant or hospitality operation needs.


Episode #108 Build Your Brand with Ideas For Holidays & Big Events

One of the most powerful brand-builders I know (not to mention staff pleasers) is creating several “Big Events” throughout the year around holidays and big sports events.   Give this episode a listen as I take you through many of the key-holidays and big events that will drive new and repeat business and make your place more money several times a year!..


Episode #107 Last Minute Tax Advice from an Industry Expert

Listen to my guest Mr. Tony Perricelli.  He’s a CPA and Tax Expert with many restaurant and hospitality clients.  He knows the restaurant business and is a tremendous resource and wealth of information. We discuss last minute tips for 2017, big changes from the Trump Administration for 2018 that can be a real benefit to your business and much more.  Also, learn what you need to do throughout the year to put your business in the best tax position before you file. 

Episode #106 Marketing Firepower Starts With Your Brand!

We’ve all been to those rockin restaurants that have the triple combination of food, service and ambiance.  You know, you can feel the magic going on and usually there’s a long wait for a table no matter what day it is.   All three of those elements are important to real success and most of the time I say that service is a true competitive advantage, but lets focus on the ambiance.  Check out this episode as Thea and I riff on what it means to build a brand.  Give a listen, you just might get your next big idea that inspires your success.

Episode #105 Why We Love That Old Staff Magic!

We all been to those restaurants that are just firing on all cylinders… the place is alive, fun and staff are shining.  Let’s call this staff magic.  You’ll know you’ve arrived when your team are having more fun and making more money and your customers are having more fun and spending more money. So give this episode a listen where Thea and I share what that staff magic is all about, how to create team chemistry and most important how to build a culture of hospitality, family and fun.