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Episode #256 5 Ways to TACKLE the Restaurant Labor Shortage!

The biggest restaurant challenge continues to be labor. How do you find, motivate, keep and get the best performance from your team? In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with fellow industry pro and friend Jaime Oikle of Running Restaurants. We’ll be dishing up “5 Ways to Incentivize your team to not only get you through this shortage, but we will give you a new approach to managing your operation through your staff.

Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

Episode #169 A New Take On The Labor Shortage

The biggest restaurant challenge today is finding and keeping a great staff! Doesn’t matter where you live or run your restaurant, unemployment is at record lows. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, we explore an innovative way of recruiting. I’m speaking with last year’s Gubernatorial candidate from Maine, who now heads up the “Workforce Development Committee” for Hospitality Maine. I’m on this committee so I’ve had a first hand look and front row seat for a new program that finds, recruits and apprentices staff for restaurants and lodging properties.

Episode #167 Dream Candidates For Your Restaurant Kitchen

Does your operation have a “Plan B”? A backup when the unexpected occurs? Most of the time this happens in the kitchen. You just got notice from your chef that they’re moving on to your competitor. Your customers love your food and now the person responsible for making it all happen just gave you two weeks. Are you feeling the heat? Well no worries. Today I’m talking with Mr. Daryle Degan, a charming Scot who noticed both an increase in demand from restaurants to find quality staff and the struggles candidates faced when navigating their way to the perfect job.