Episode #97 Inventory in Half the Time, No Kidding!

For nearly two decades, I got used to doing bar inventory the hard way.  This is how most of us take inventory.  My guest in this episode is Dave Allred from barpatrol.net.   He’s invented a cracker-jack “APP”, that’s the absolute easiest way to take  both your food & drink inventory.  Its a system made simple that will free your time for the thousand other important details of running your place.  

Episode #95 Is Technology Replacing True Hospitality in your Operation

Listen to today’s episode and see for yourself if true Hospitality is being replaced by Technology.  It’s perfectly fine to automate your business and use technology and systems to improve, but not at the expense of understanding the core elements of your business first.  After several days of experiencing paramount service at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Florida, my initial judgement got the better of me as I was suddenly immersed in technology at the Minneapolis airport.