Episode #200 Making The Most Of Downtime During The Coronavirus Crisis – A Roundtable Discussion

This crisis is unprecedented and the worst disaster to ever hit our industry. The Stats are staggering: Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Lost, Millions and millions of our employees out of work and worst of all, complete uncertainty for the future. When will we be able to re-open our restaurants? Will there be a crush of business, or will it take time to get back to normal? No-one has the crystal ball. This episode is all about what you can do Now for your business while things are idle or slower than usual. A roundtable with Food Industry Professionals.

Episode #184 Laser-Focused Marketing Strategy for Restaurants

Don’t just run a restaurant, build a BRAND! To do this, you need to follow a proven marketing strategy and one size does not fit all. How do you cut through all the noise and clutter out there vying your customer’s attention? The answers are in this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast. Mr. Dan Westmoreland is the Vice President of Demand Gen at Fountain.com and a true marketing “Super Hero”. He’s worked with hundreds of business owners, and today will be giving you immediately actionable advice and proven ideas to build and move your brand forward.


Episode #172 A Unique Marketing Idea For Your Restaurant

In today’s episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, We’re going to show you how you can increase restaurant sales using your WiFi connection.  My guest is Mr. Steve Fletcher from WiFi Technology Solutions. He’s going to show us strategies to increase sales in restaurants and how sending 100 text messages can actually bring in 30 customers to your restaurant.

Episode #70 Explode Your Restaurant’s Marketing Firepower!

Nothing is more important than your restaurant’s hard-earned reputation. Here is a very powerful tool that will automatically capture your restaurant’s positive reviews and post them to the major online review sites and social media platforms.  You’ve got 1000 other details to think about in your restaurant, it only makes sense to build systems into your business across your restaurant.