EMS article about Roger Beaudoin and how a simple road trip sparked an obsession that has defined his life and led him to opening the Matterhorn Restaurant at Sunday River Ski Resort. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: ROGER BEAUDOIN’S MATTERHORN OBSESSION Posted by Jim Darroch on July 16, 2012 Traveling is always an eye-opening experience but for long-time…


HOW AN ALPINE ADVENTURE INSPIRED A BUSINESS by Elizabeth Atwater on July 23, 2013 What can the Matterhorn, a 14,000-foot alpine peak, teach an entrepreneur about running a business? For Roger Beaudoin, the lessons he has learned scaling the Swiss Alps and rappelling down mountains closer to his New England home have had a far-reaching…

Consistency Is Everything In A Hospitality Operation

Whether you run a food truck, coffee shop, fast casual or full-service restaurant, know that every interaction between your staff and each guest must be consistent and memorable across your operation. This comes with regular consistent training as a given, but more importantly the culture of your place. Are you building and sustaining a culture focused on hospitality, family and fun?

Is The Service In Your Restaurant Paramount?

I expect to receive the same quality of service whether dining in a Denny’s or a 5-Star Restaurant.  The basic principle is the same… its all about hiring the best people with a true desire to serve the public and then developing them, training them, recognizing and rewarding them to build your business.  That’s what I Call “PARAMOUNT SERVICE”!

Episode #75 Are your Customers Peeved?

This episode is all about customer Pet-Peeves.  The most minute details affect the guest’s impressions of your operation and these impressions are lasting.  They absolutely determine whether or not the guest returns.  Take a listen to our discussion as we cover seventeen – that’s right 17 customer service pet peeves to banish forever in your restaurant.